Crabtree Valley Mall faces another flood cleanup

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Cleanup at Crabtree after latest flooding
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Cleanup at Crabtree after latest flooding.

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Yet again crews were out cleaning the grounds of the Crabtree Valley Mall after Monday night's fast sweeping storm caused more flash flooding.

The mall sits on a floodplain, and another round of submerged cars had to be towed from the water.

Parking spaces are also practically pressed up against the banks of Crabtree Creek.

Flash flooding has been a longtime issue and ABC11 went to officials to see what could be done to remedy the problem.

"Crabtree Creek has a fairly large drainage basin and it's a fairly small channel. So what that translates into is a very flashy creek, which means we get a rain even the creek rises very rapidly and it falls over very quickly," said City of Raleigh Engineering Services Assistant Director Blair Hinkle.

The mall opened in 1972 when there were different floodplain regulations.

"It's basically a grandfathered property. Current regulations wouldn't allow a development like that to be built today," said Hinkle. "The mall is situated in a flood plain, and we would expect that floodplain to continue to flood. "

A Crabtree spokesperson said there has been no discussion to close down known trouble-spots.

The spokesperson said that an announcement was made inside the mall Monday when the water started rising.

"There's plenty of people that are angry that there's nothing being done because their cars are getting ruined, and they don't expect it to happen. None of us expected it to flood this badly," said Raleigh resident Kierra Angell.

Her mom's car was flooded out.

"I don't know what they should do, but for this to happen this many times it's gotta get under control," said Angell.