Kayakers rescued from flood waters in Texas

HOUSTON (WTVD) -- Two kayakers are counting their blessings after a trip exploring flood waters in Houston ended badly.

Their kayak flipped and they couldn't get it righted in the fast moving current.

They then got stuck in some trees and needed rescue.

Emergency workers convinced the teens to abandon the kayak and swim to a nearby bridge so they could be lifted out.

Justin Stanford with Houston Off-Road Recovery said it was one rescue that didn't need to happen.

"There's a lot of people on Facebook and everything saying it's just hype. It's not. You can see for yourself, this is crazy. Don't get out in it unless you have to," he offered.

The grateful teens shook hands with their rescuers after they used straps to hoist them up onto the bridge.

Eight people have died in Houston's historic flooding.

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