Bill introduced to make ice cream NC's official frozen treat

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Here's some new legislation both Democrats and Republicans can agree on at the General Assembly: Everyone loves ice cream.

A lawmaker has introduced a bill to make ice cream the official frozen treat of North Carolina.

The bill lists several reasons why this should happen. For starters, ice cream is important to North Carolina's dairy industry. The dessert is produced by the state's dairy farmers, creameries and N.C. State University.

The bill also mentions that ice cream contributes about $39 billion to the United States economy and generates 188 thousand jobs.

The bill was submitted to the House by Republican Rep. John Torbett of Gaston County.

The bill notes that North Carolina doesn't yet have an official frozen treat.

It's been a while since an official state food was added. In 2001, apparently a berry good year, the blueberry became the official -- you guessed it -- blue berry of North Carolina. The same year, the strawberry was named the official red berry, and the Scuppernong grape was crowned official fruit.

The sweet potato was adopted as the official vegetable in 1995, and milk (not Pepsi?) became the state's official drink in 1987.
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