Camel burgers? Scorpion cocktail? That's what's on the menu during exotic meat month at this Durham restaurant

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- First, it was the tarantula burger. Now, you can try camel burgers, alligator hot dogs and more at Bull City Burger & Brewery in Durham during their exotic meat month celebration.

The alligator hot dogs are paired with a Creole sauce. The camel burgers are available on Wednesdays or "hump day," and are topped with cactus and Mexican Ricotta cheese. There's also chocolate bug bark with ice cream and a Scorpion Stinger Paloma cocktail.

Seth Gross, owner of Bull City Burger & Brewery, said they've been doing this every April for seven years. He said it's about educating people about delicacies in different parts of the world.

"Let's find a way to get people to try weird things from around the world that are actually normal in other countries," Gross said.

Diners Dan Jewell and Ed Barberio tried the camel burger.

"I wanted to try it because I think it's a common food in other parts of the world and I said 'why not give it a try?'" Jewell said.

"I think it's excellent," Barberio said. "It's got great texture. If you weren't told that you were eating camel, you'd just think you were eating really great beef."

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Eric Boone tried the Scorpion cocktail.

"It's something I've never had before," Boone said. "I bit into it and there was some heat to it. It was interesting."

The menu will change depending on availability.

"We start with an exotic meat in the morning and some things are really hard to get so we can maybe only get 20 or 30 burgers and as soon as it runs out, we just roll right into the next one so it's a constant evolving thing," Gross said. "Best way to keep up is with our social media."
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