Clovis business making adults only candies and other goodies infused with alcohol

CLOVIS, Calif. (WTVD) -- It's candy for adults only.

"As soon as you open up the package, you're going to smell it. The strawberry margaritas have that sweet smell, the Hennessy, and coke. That cognac really comes through and so you smell that anticipation and once you put it in your mouth you can Taste all those flavors come through," said Lydia Marizette-Nagengast of Candyman's Corner.

Lydia Marizette-Nagengast and her sister Monica are the owners behind Candyman's Corner. The alcohol Infused bakery and confectionary started a year ago, after tasting someone's homemade recipes that weren't as yummy as they looked. So the two tried their own hand at whipping up a few treats.

"The first gummies that we did were fireball. Then we did the rum chata snickerdoodles, those were or first cookies and they tasted so good we were like 'let's just put alcohol in everything,'" Marizette -Nagengast said.

Nowadays the sister make everything from gummies to brownies and Rice Krispie treats and more at the Clovis Culinary Center. One of the common questions they get, is will the treats get you intoxicated?

"Not so much on the baked stuff, the baking process will cook out some of the alcohol, not all of it, but some of it. The gummies are at a 5 percent alcohol content," Marizette -Nagengast said.

They said most of their clients like a little treat because it mixes the best of both worlds.

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It?s candy for adults only.

"It's not kids candy, it's adults candy and the kids can't have it," Marizette - Nagengast said.

They even have signs to let kids know its hands off.

The business has sold the cookies and gummies across the Valley. Recently through social media, they got orders as far away as the East Coast.

Candyman's corner says for now they're selling their sweet treats at local pop-ups. They will be at the State of Downtown Thursday evening at the Downtown Club showcasing gummies with local craft beer from breweries like Full Circle and Tioga Sequoia.

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