Nash County farm donates thousands of eggs to local food pantries amid COVID-19 need

NASHVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The stay at home economy has been bad for some industries and bountiful for others. Braswell Family Farms in Nashville, North Carolina is dealing with a spike in demand for their eggs. At the same time, they're keeping up with a core mission of helping others.

Almost overnight the food industry changed. Braswell Family Farms and President Trey Braswell had to change some operations as well.

"If anything it's been a busier more stressful time in the industry but I think the industry has done a pretty good job of keeping eggs on the shelf so people can have affordable protein and keeping their people safe," said Braswell.

When the pandemic hit, eggs were flying off store shelves making it nearly impossible for Braswell to keep up.


"I think just because people were kind of panic buying a lot to start with and there's just more people eating at home that wouldn't normally be eating at home."

Frustrated consumers questioned the supply chain not realizing how the egg birthing process works.

"At peak production a chicken can only produce one egg every 26 hours and you can't speed her up."

The farm did crank up an effort to feed the hungry. Braswell delivered three truckloads of eggs, about 70,000 dozen to local food banks including the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

"We heard there's more people relying on the food bank, there's people without a job. A lot of people that lost their job or are furloughed or whatever and it made it easy to kick that into high gear like you say and try and meet those needs."

They are also meeting the needs of employees by hanging protocols to keep them safe, providing free lunches and partnering with Ripe Revival Market, handing out produce boxes.

"We love 'em. They've had a great attitude. We know even though they still have their jobs this is stressful times for everybody. We were able to get that produce and put some boxes together for our employees and send that home with them."

Trey said they'll continue to deliver eggs to local food banks as long as there is a need.
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