Rolesville sandwich shop hires people with autism

ROLESVILLE, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Whiches on Wheels is Rolesville's newest sandwich shop. Melissa Towns opened it so her daughter Princess, and people like Princess with autism, could have a job.

"With autism it's not that easy. They tend to get overwhelmed. They get frustrated and they need help," Towns said.

They just opened and Towns has been bombarded with applications from people with autism that want to work.

"I was like, ok, I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I have to make a place for everybody," said Towns.

They're busy at lunch, and then it slows down. But the busier they are, the more people Towns can hire.

She explained she knows what triggers some with autism, and she keeps them away from it. And she knows what their strengths are, and she builds on it.

"We fit them in where they're comfortable and we allow them to work. If they need to take a break, take a break. It's ok. If they have a moment, if they get overwhelmed, it's ok," she explained.

Her daughter Princess is shy and an introvert. But now she's the head cashier and greeter at Whiches on Wheels.

The restaurant is located at 400 Southtown Circle, Rolesville.

Store hours:

Monday - Friday 10:30am - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm

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