Into the 'Sporkshop': How Forky from 'Toy Story 4' came to be

Humble spork-turned-toy Forky was the breakout star of Disney's "Toy Story 4" this year, but the character didn't come to be overnight.

In fact, while Forky might seem simple, designers went through "probably a hundred different versions of Forky," according to producer Jonas Rivera.

"There was just an initial story sketch, and we just cracked up at the simplicity of truth to what a kid would do. It couldn't be overdesigned, couldn't be too sophisticated," Rivera explained. "What would our 5-year-old kids do?"

Producers and designers held a Sporkshop -- "a crafting time that we would have done when we were kindergartners," in Rivera's words -- to develop the Tony Hale-voiced character's appearance.

Check out the video above for an exclusive look at the filmmakers sharing how Forky was created.

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