Former Cary police officer reflects on being shot nearly 20 years later

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- George Almond was the first Cary Police officer to be shot on duty.

Almond told ABC11 when he heard about the shooting of Raleigh Police Officer Charles Ainsworth it broke his heart.

"It tears to the heart of my being," said Almond. "And I put myself in their shoes and what they're having to go through."

The attack hits close to home. On Oct. 10, 2001, while conducting a traffic stop off US Highway 1 near Walnut Street, Almond was shot in the face.

The father of two lost his left eye, hearing in one ear, sense of taste and smell.

Emory Bivins, who is now 45, is serving a 43-year prison sentence.

"I think justice was served in the court system," said Almond. "He made his choice on Oct. 10, 2001 and there are consequences to the choices each one of us makes."

Almond has asked people to make a decision to support and have respect for law enforcement. "I think the community needs to be thankful for every officer that is out there. For that person to put themselves in danger-to be thankful for that and not take it for granted. That they have that protection."

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, these are the number of officers killed on duty across central North Carolina and statewide:

  • Durham Police: 7

  • Durham Sheriffs Office: 3

  • Raleigh Police: 8

  • Wake County Sheriffs Office: 5

  • Fayetteville Police: 9

  • Cumberland County: 12

  • Statewide: 567

Almond is praying Ainsworth stays off this list. "I'm there with you in your heart," he said.

Almond said the community's prayers and support helped him recover from his tragedy.

He retired from law enforcement and is now a motivational speaker letting people know that they too can overcome adversity.
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