'An inflection point': Fort Bragg officials discuss post's name change to Fort Liberty

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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Fort Bragg officials discuss name change, rebranding
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Fort Bragg officials discuss name change to Fort Liberty.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) -- Fort Bragg officials are speaking out about the installation's transition to becoming Fort Liberty and what they're planning for the opening ceremonies later this summer.

"We're in an inflection point for all the people who have ever served," Commander General Christopher Donahue said. "We're at an inflection point for who we are on this post."

Commander Gen. Christopher Donahue told the story of how it was a Gold Star mother's testimony that inspired organizers' decision to use the word "liberty" for the renaming.

"They tried to figure out what is the one word that represents what people -- the families, the civilians, the veterans of this area have done for our nation. It was liberty," Donahue said.

Officials said they're launching what they're calling a "Sunset Liberty March" on June 1 to commemorate the big change.

There will also be a ceremony the following day. Despite pushback from some people, officials said they're veering away from Braxton Bragg, the current namesake's legacy as a Confederate to create a new culture.

"It brings us together on what the culture and ideals are on this place. Bragg, Liberty, X. Doesn't matter. It's who, ultimately, this is who we are," Donahue said.

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