The check is in the mail from 2017 free cruise robocall lawsuit

The checks are finally in the mail when it comes to the long-awaited payoff of the free cruise robocall class action settlement.

However, the money is much less than the $900 per consumer originally reported.

In 2017, we first told you how consumers could cash in on the settlement offer that accused a marketing group of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The suit claimed the marketers offered free cruises with prominent cruise lines such as Carnival and Norwegian.

Originally the settlement reported claimants could be eligible for up to $900.

An ABC11 viewer who's part of this settlement just got their check, it's for $25.02. It's much less than originally reported because the final payout came down to how many consumers filed valid claims, and since 250,000 people had legit claims, the average payout to consumers is about $20.

You don't have to do anything to get your money, the checks were just mailed out and you should be getting your money any day now.
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