Funeral plans announced for owner of Kaffeinate as cleanup at Durham explosion site continues

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Crews Tuesday continued to tackle the cleanup associated with the Durham explosion.

Backhoes, dumpsters, and toxic material outfits were visible to drivers and pedestrians along Main and Morgan streets. Throughout the day, Durham residents dealt with traffic build up thanks in large part to the remained closure of North Duke Street.

"I know this sort of thing is probably very complicated just from a technical, legal, and logistical standpoint," said John Kramer, who works near the explosion site. "I can only image the trouble (crews) are going through. I think it's going fine. They're making progress," Kramer said.

Cleanup crews are also having to deal with toxic materials, namely asbestos. Construction workers donned themselves with masks and protective clothing during Tuesday's cleanup. A "decontamination unit" is also parked at the intersection of Main and North Duke.

"I'm sure they're doing it the right way," Kramer said. "I'm sure they're anxious to see Duke Street back open because I know it's an inconvenience and a traffic hazard."

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration is also currently investigating at least six entities or companies associated with the explosion.

  • Durham Fire Department
  • PSNC Energy
  • Tower Engineering Professionals
  • Crown Castle USA, Inc.
  • PS Splicing
  • Optic Cable Technolgy Inc.

Also on Tuesday, the family announced that Kong Lee, owner of the Kaffeinate coffee shop who died in the explosion, will be laid to rest May 7.

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