Gabi's Grounds: Raleigh GoFundMe going viral

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Twenty-year-old Gabi Angelini, from Raleigh, is trying to raise $200,000 for a new business-- a local coffee shop that will employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"It's important to invite my disability friends to come work with me," Gabi says on her GoFundMe page. "We're gonna have a fun time together and sing and dance a lot."

Since putting up the fundraising page, they've raised nearly $41,000.

The idea for the shop came from the fact that Gabi was having a hard time finding a job due to her intellectual disability.

"She applied to several jobs over the summer, and everyone said no," Gabi's mom Mary told GoFundMe. "So that just solidified that if I want her to be successful, we're gonna have to make it happen."

Larry's Coffee has partnered with them and has made a special roast called "Gabi's Grounds."

Buy Gabi's Grounds locally

She's still looking for a location for the coffee shop.

"I work at Harris Teeter as a part-time bagger," Gabi said. I love when the firemen come in" (she works at Harris Teeter Saturday mornings).

She has asked for more work but was told "no" so she just keeps "going forward, that's what God wants."

"She's been saving her paychecks and putting them into the business all the time. She hasn't spent a penny," her mother said.

Gabi has five brothers; she loves playing tennis and basketball. She also loves to sing.

"People just need to face their fears and step out and God will provide," Mary said. "Step out in faith and it'll happen."

Gabi was also recently featured on Right This Minute, which airs at 2:30 p.m. weekdays on ABC11.

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Credit: GoFundMe

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