Spring Lake residents without water say they're being pushed out of homes

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Saturday, June 30, 2018
Spring Lake residents pushed out of homes
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Spring Lakes residents say they're being pushed out of their homes.

SPRING LAKE, NC (WTVD) -- The clock is ticking for residents like Aneca Glover who live in Garden Grove.

"You never know when they are actually going to send the sheriff out here to knock on the door and say leave," said Aneca Glover. "That's the hardest part."

Garden Grove residents have decided to take their fight to the department of housing and urban development. They have filed a fair housing complaint with hopes that it will turn the tide.

Garden Grove was once a place James Walton had planned to live forever. He moved there 40 years ago as a young airman in the Air Force.

"I'm buying a double wide and some property to put it on so I won't ever have to go through this again," said James Walton.

Other residents here are not as financially stable as James. It's been 49 days of no water, but plenty of acts of kindness.

"I'm so grateful for each and everyone," said Glover.

The county has recommended all residents move by July first if they don't make contact with property owners. In the meantime, residents are holding on to their faith.

"Just pray about it. God didn't bring us this far to leave us," said Glover.