Gas prices skyrocket in the Carolinas

Gas prices are on the rise in the Carolinas and across the country, according to AAA.

Right now, the average in North Carolina is $2.27, which is 12 cents higher than this time last week and four cents higher than Tuesday.

In Raleigh specifically, the average is $2.30, which is 12 cents higher than last week.

"Oil and wholesale gasoline prices have surged and that's driving prices higher at the pump," said AAA Carolinas spokesperson Tiffany Wright. "OPEC is fulfilling its promise to cut production and there have been reports of refinery problems in the Northeast. Supply will most likely continue to tighten and keep gas prices higher through the end of the month."

Twenty-eight states saw gas price averages increase by at least a nickel this week, pushing the national average to $2.36 - the largest one-week increase seen at the national level this year.