Want to work at the NC General Assembly? Here's how much the staff makes

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A day after his reelection as Speaker of the House, the office of Rep. Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) released details of his full staff and their salaries to ABC11.

Moore, himself, will make $38,151 in a part-time role. Most of his 15-member staff, with the exception of two interns, are full-time positions.

The Speaker's Chief of Staff, Scott "Bart" Goodson, will earn a salary of $177,423, the highest on the payroll. Jonathan Sink, who replaces Leah Burns as the deputy chief, will earn $104,475.

Six people will serve as policy advisors, including former Wake County representative Nelson Dollar, who as Senior Advisor will make $117,495. The other advisors are Lewis King ($85,672), Daniel Gurley ($84,000), Shelby Armentrout ($71,495), Cory Bryson ($69,395) and Christopher Pittman ($54,350).

The staff also comprises of Director of Communications ($75,900), Director of Boards, Communications and Constituent Services ($75,789), Executive Assistant ($59,350), Caucus Communications Liaison ($52,250), Research Assistant and Paralegal ($41,310) and two interns ($13,625 and $9,100).

All positions at the General Assembly are paid for by taxpayers as part of the state budget, which this fiscal year totals $23.9 billion. Appropriations for salaries at the General Assembly are $67.3 million, including the $1.1 million for the Speaker and his staff.
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