Spoilers! On today's General Hospital

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Before the break, Sonny is in the interrogation room. He wants to do a full confession, plead guilty and go to jail for the rest of his life. Jason enters and tells Sonny "under no circumstances should you plead guilty for any crime."

Kevin wants to spend time with Laura and offers a room to her after he discovers Valentin now owns her home, but she declines and doesn't think it's a good idea for their relationship. Kevin disagrees and they kiss.

Lulu walks in and Laura asks how the funeral went. Lulu says not well.

The reception after Morgan's funeral is cancelled.

Michael can't believe Sonny confessed. Belle says Sonny mentioned something to her yesterday and gave her an envelope to give to Michael's mom. Michael doesn't take it.

Belle opens the letter and reads it silently (looking surprised).

Scott and Ava are discussing a bribe in a café. Scott calls Lucy while Ava is there for a meetup tonight. Ava wants Scott to steal the evidence from Lucy that Ava changed Morgan's medication.

Lulu enters the room and mentions something about not wanting to chase Kevin off. Lulu and Laura begin discussing Valentin's property. We find out that Nicholas never had the claim on the estate - he had the title not the estate. The estate was left to the eldest son which is Valentin. Laura accepts Lulu and Dante's offer to move in. They begin discussing how the funeral unfolded.

Jason presses Sonny, as he attempts to clear his name. He has evidence that Sonny is not the one responsible for Morgan's death.