Young Republicans booted from Raleigh Uber over backseat politics

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ByJoel Brown via WTVD logo
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- One of the young Republican activists who say they were kicked out of their Uber Saturday night in downtown Raleigh because the driver disagreed with their conservative politics is sharing the unusual tale with ABC11.

The six activists were members of the Washington D.C. Young Republicans visiting the Triangle to campaign for several GOP candidates.

The group ordered an Uber to get them from Wake Forest back to downtown Raleigh.

As they were riding, the group says they were discussing Republican political issues. They say that's when the driver pulled into a downtown gas station and ordered them out of the car.

"When he pulled over, he said, I'm terminating your ride and I reserve the right to refuse service to whoever I choose,' recalled Chris Godbey, Executive Director of the Young Republican National Federation. "And as we're exiting the vehicle he said, 'Welcome to the resistance!'"

Stranded at the gas station, Godbey and his companions hailed a new Uber which got them to their destination.

The ride-sharing company has since offered to comp their ride. But Godbey believes the loss of political civility is the real cost of the incident.

"You cannot have a business that is going to discriminate based on political beliefs, especially not in the United States. That is not what we're about," he said.

After getting wind of what happened, Asheville Republican Congressman Mark Meadows tweeted an offer to buy the group $100 gift cards for Uber's competitor, Lyft