Cary bakery starts loaf donation campaign for local food pantry

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- While food insecurity continues to be an issue throughout the community, Dorcas Food Pantry in Cary is able to keep their shelves stocked.

Paige Williams was working in the airline industry during 9/11. Being directly impacted through that downturn, she sensed another was coming.

"I knew that the economic impact of a national disaster was going to happen."

Realizing jobs would be cut, Paige and her husband Tom came up with a plan to help.

"The thing we know what to do best is bake bread for others so we're just a vehicle to get our community bound together."

For every loaf of bread purchased through their website for Dorcas Food Pantry, this Great Harvest Bread Company franchise is donating an additional loaf.

So far over 800 loaves have been purchased and donated.

Dorcas Ministries Executive Director said Great Harvest has been a great partner for a long time.

"Great Harvest has been a great partner before and during the pandemic. Not only have they donated pastries or food to our food pantry, they've donated goodies to our volunteers."

Along with bread, Great Harvest has donated almost 500 pounds of produce to go along with hundreds of dollars in cash donations.

So many businesses struggling but the bakery is booming, which enables them to pay it forward.

Co-owner Tom Williams gets in at midnight to start baking. He realizes how important this role has become.

"One of the core things we do is bake bread. So that's what's carried us is it's comfort food. Everyone likes to have something like that. The sweets help a lot also but the customers who've been around for years continue to show up."

Paige said the outpouring goes beyond the local pantries and churches.

"We have people who are buying a hundred cookies for UNC healthcare workers. There's just such a spirit of generosity in this community and Tom and I are just the conduit for it."

Instead of chopping staff, the Williams are adding to keep up with demand.
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