They've got toilet paper: Cary, Raleigh restaurants become makeshift grocery stores during COVID-19 pandemic

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Ko*An Cary went from about 50 employees to five after Governor Roy Cooper restricted in-house dining across the state. The restaurant is still offering carry out and is now offering groceries to help bridge the gap customers are seeing at grocery stores while trying to keep the doors open during the downturn.

"There's a link missing in this food supply chain," said Andrew Smith, Ko*AN Executive Chef. "I think we can bridge it and if other people around the country and state took this example and used it we can kind of spread the revenue going to all the major chains right now down to the people who are really struggling."

Ko*An is offering delivery within an 8-mile radius as well as pick up. Customers can place orders online or by calling the restaurant. Smith says they're getting supplies from local farmers as well as distributors they've always worked with and they even have toilet paper.

"Toilet paper, I've got cases of it," Smith said. "I'm not trying to make money, I'm trying to bridge the gap here."

Fresh produce, milk, eggs, toilet paper are some of the items Ko*An is selling. The restaurant is baking fresh bread as well.

In downtown Raleigh, the bar Dram & Drought has also pivoted temporarily becoming Dram Grog & Grocery offering local produce, meat, canned goods, wine, growlers and cases of beer, toilet paper and other disposables. Dram Grog & Grocery also offering free delivery to seniors 65 and older within five miles.
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