Guns, substantial amount of ammo found in student's car on NCSU campus

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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Guns. ammo found in vehicle at NCSU

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Several "assault-style" guns, large capacity ammo magazines, and a large ammunition box have been seized from a student's SUV parked in a North Carolina State University parking deck.

The information was revealed in a search warrant made public today by NCSU police.

In that search warrant, a detective writes that the student's mother took him to a mental health facility in Raleigh late last week "to have him evaluated due to multiple issues over the past few weeks."

The affidavit goes on to say that the mother disclosed to police that the student "purchased three firearms in the last three weeks" and that they were inside his vehicle parked on or near campus.

The detective, Kayla McNeill, writes that when she found the Toyota 4 Runner in the Dan Allen Drive parking deck she looked inside.

"In plain sight inside the vehicle, I was able to locate multiple firearm boxes, one large ammunition storage box, one of pair of hearing protection, and one exposed rifle scope. Under the vehicle tire on the outside of the vehicle was one green spent shotgun shell," McNeill wrote.

A list of items attached to the search warrant and seized on March 7 includes two assault-style rifles, two 30-round ammo magazines, and a large box of ammunition.

"That's scary for me as a student because I park in that parking deck," NCSU student Kaylib Robinson told ABC 11.

NCSU sophomore Brendan Hilferty is also familiar with the Dan Allen deck.

He walks right past it every day on the way to class.

And after reading over the search warrant he expressed serious concern.

"You think of all the bad things. You think of people being killed. You think of... you know, the drills in class. Teachers say,... 'If there is an active shooter what are we going to do?' So you know it's definitely a thing," Hilferty said.

Charges of having guns on campus are pending against the student according to police who also say they are grateful to his mother for reporting the guns.

Students are too.

NCSU student Kaylib Robinson said, "She did what she was supposed to."

"I think what she did was really good. And I think that those actions should be seen as, we should try to mirror those actions in the future," said NCSU student Jamie Goethe.

And Hilferty added, "That's definitely what she needed to do was to tell somebody. And then the police have to take a proactive stance against it. So I guess they did take that proactive stance."