Officials say hairdresser sentenced to life for deliberately infecting men with HIV

BRIGHTON, England -- Officials said a hairdresser who deliberately tried to infect 10 men with HIV is heading to prison.

Daryll Rowe was handed a life sentence Wednesday in Brighton, England for his actions.

The 27-year-old man is the first person in the country to be convicted of knowingly setting out to spread the virus. Rowe met his partners on the online dating site Grindr.

Sussex police said he infected five men and sabotaged the condoms of another five. He would persuade his victims to have unprotected sex by telling them he was clean or negative for HIV, according to police.

During his initial interview, Rowe denied having HIV and denied infecting others. But, police said evidence proved he had been diagnosed with the disease in April 2015.

Rowe was found guilty by a jury at Lewes Crown Court last November.
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