Illinois 5th grader fights to keep Halloween display

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- A Naperville, Ill. fifth grader is on a mission to bring back a Halloween display that's thrilled thousands and attracted national attention.

Sara Marston, 11, said this family friendly destination has been a part of her life since she was three years old and she can't imagine celebrating Halloween without it. So for this holiday she is going as an activist.

With singing skeletons, flashing lights and ghoulish decorations, this Naperville home is a Halloween haven that attracts thousands of visitors every year. But after neighbors complained, the homeowners' board limited decorations to only 50 percent of homes.

Because of the rule change, homeowner Nick Thomas said it wasn't worth the trouble and ended the 18-year tradition. But that decision didn't sit well with Sara.

"I have to do something about this," Sara says. "I just can't just let this happen."

Sara was so disappointed by the new rules she gathered more than 8,000 signatures on a petition hoping to bring the decorations back

"When I see the decorations he does, this all for charity, it makes me happy to see it," she says.

Sara's parents call this a teachable moment as their daughter shows signs of leadership.

"I'm very proud," says Heidi Marston, Sara's mother. "She's showing passion and she took initiative."

And while some agree with Sara, they also understand the opposition.

"It brings a lot of joy but I sympathize with the neighbors, it's a lot of traffic," says Naperville resident Donna Windmann.

Sara says she gave the petition with the signatures along with her email address to the board Monday night. She said they told her good job. She is organizing a march on Oct. 24 and she will continue to collect signatures hoping to change the holiday decoration rule.

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