Need help with costume ideas this Halloween? Try these DIY ones

Need help with costume ideas this Halloween?

If you don't want to by a costume, we have a few Do-It-Yourself ideas to share with you.

Good Housekeeping came up with these suggestions.

Here's a new take on "It's raining men."

For this one, you'll need an umbrella, rain boots, and a trench coat.

Tape pictures of your favorite guys to that umbrella to top off the look.

Remember Arthur the Aardvark?

Find those old, round glasses, get some round animal ears, a yellow sweater and blue jeans to create this familiar children's character.

Bob Ross brought joy to painting for decades on PBS.

Now you can look like the artist with a curly, brown wig, a button down shirt and blue jeans.

Your significant other can be a "pretty, little tree" with some craft leaves and a brown outfit.
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