Rainy Halloween possible for Triangle trick-or-treaters

Here are the two biggest questions I'm getting right now: "Will it snow a lot this winter?" and "Will my trick-or-treater get wet this week?"

First, no idea on the snow. Probably... sometime... after all, that does happen in the winter (though there have been snow-less winters). Now, let's talk about trick or treating...

At this point, I think it will be raining at some time during the evening. The showers will be hit or miss. A cool front will be west that night, so what does that mean for us?

The showers will be more spotty than if the front were moving across us that evening. And the rain chances will be higher over western counties. East of I-95 you may stay out of the rain until after midnight.

This forecast is subject to change too. Several factors will determine the final forecast like how fast the front moves through the mountains and how much moisture is available for the front.

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It has been a while, by the way, since we've had rain on Halloween around here. The last rain we had at RDU & Fayetteville on October 31 was in 2011. We picked up from a quarter to a half-inch across the area. I remember it actually raining right at the start of trick or treating, then stopping in time for candy. Fayetteville did also pick up.03" in 2013.

So stay tuned. I'll update this page and the timing of the rain as we get updated forecast information.
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