Want to spice up your holiday cards? Try hand lettering

If you're looking for simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your holiday cards, try hand lettering the envelopes.

Maghon Taylor from all All She Wrote Notes has a few simple steps to help you add a personal touch to your season's greetings.

The first tip, never draw directly onto the envelope to make sure everything is straight. Instead, cut down a piece of scrap paper to fit inside the envelope and draw lines on the paper then stick it inside the envelope to use as a guide.

Next, make sure to use a fine-point marker to write the family name as large as you can.

"I always tell my students to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck and make their name look awesome. Everything else can come secondary to the name, but the name is going to be the star of the show" Taylor says.

Add shading, downstrokes and other embellishments to the name after it is drawn.

You can also add "the" above the name if you want to include it.

Write the address below the name in an all-caps print font and try to keep the width of the address the same size as the name.

Avoid dressing up letters and numbers or adding dots between characters in the address to make it easier for the post office to read.

Once the address is done, you can go back and add flourishes to the name if needed.

If you're using a stamp for the return address and you don't have a stamp pad to match the colors you're using, use a marker to color over your stamp.

And finally, add a pinch of confetti to the envelopes before sealing them and sending them off for some extra holiday cheer.

Maghon is an ABC11 Influencer. You can find information about Maghon's full lettering course at happyhandlettering.com