Officer headbutted, hospitalized while serving search warrant in Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A boy headbutted an officer after being detained during an investigation, according to Raleigh Police Department.

It happened May 10 on Talserwood Drive in Southeast Raleigh.

Investigators said they were serving a search warrant when they saw four people, including two who were listed on their search warrants, standing near a car on Talserwood Drive.

Officers said they smelled marijuana when they approached the car, so they detained the four people and began searching the vehicle.

During the search, one of the suspects named in the search warrant headbutted one of the officers. The officer had to be taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

The person who headbutted the officer was younger than 18 years old. The other officers at the scene tackled the boy to the ground to subdue him.

During the commotion, a large crowd had gathered nearby.

RPD said more officers were called to the scene to help control the crowd.

As officers resumed their search of the vehicle, one of the suspects tried to run off. He was quickly caught and taken into custody.

Raleigh officers found marijuana, drug paraphernalia and stolen property related to previously reported burglaries in the possession of Willie Harvey Witherspoon Jr.

Witherspoon Jr. was arrested. The boy who headbutted the officer was placed in custody, and a juvenile petition was filed.

The owner of the car that was searched was not charged with any crimes. The fourth person at the scene, also under the age of 18, was not charged with any crimes.

Raleigh Police Department said officers were wearing body cameras during the incident. The department has filed a petition with the courts requesting permission to release the footage of what happened to the public.
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