Abby Norris is a treasure. Here's how you can shine bright like her

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Sunday, May 6 is Wishbone Day, a day focused on bringing awareness to Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or OI.

Abby Norris is a fifth grader at River Dell Elementary school in Johnston County and has an OI diagnosis.

Friday, her and her classmate's dawn yellow for Wishbone Day.

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"It's a bright and showy color that makes me happy inside," says Norris "it's like the color for OI."

This year is Norris's last at the elementary school before graduating to the sixth grade next year.

Many of her classmates have stood by her since kindergarten.

"They are her bodyguards, they protect her," says Erika Davis, Norris's fifth-grade teacher.

Norris has an undeniable uniting quality. It's as if a halo of positivity surrounds her, infecting all those with a chance to glance onto her smiling face.

With her words, her passion, and her drive, it's as if the eleven-year-old has lived the life of those with years far beyond hers.
Her body has endured over 100 broken bones, most recently her right arm in January.

Norris shows off her most recent battle wound.

"As you can see it kind of has a little lump."

Despite her broken bones, her spirit is never failing.

"Whenever I see everyone else around me like they're not in wheelchairs but I feel like that's what makes me special everyone has their own unique touch ... and you know what? This is mine."

Norris works with a smile to bring an awareness to her condition.

This Sunday, she makes a small request: wear yellow.
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