New skincare treatment shaves away dead skin cells

HOUSTON, Texas -- Ladies, have you ever thought about shaving your face? It's not a new idea, but it is an idea becoming more popular.

People in the skincare industry call it "dermaplaning." It's been around for years, but recently, it's becoming a favorite of estheticians to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz and remove dead skin.

Tiffany Ortega has a pageant coming up in a few weeks and wants to look radiant on stage.

"I have actually had the dermaplaning before," said Ortega. "I really love it because I feel like it exfoliates the top layer of your skin, so when I apply the makeup, the skin looks flawless."

So, she visited Esthetic Plastic Surgeon Camille Cash and medical Esthetician Lynette Ryza for a dermaplaning treatment.

"We use a scalpel," explained Dr. Cash. "We don't cut the skin, but we use that blade with a special handle to lift and remove the dead skin cell layers that tend to heap up over time."

"We cleanse the skin first, tone it, the skin is dry, and we treat the entire face," said Ryza.

Dermaplaning can be done by itself, but it is often paired with other treatments.

"When we do the procedure, it allows chemical peels to penetrate better, products to penetrate better, you get better results," explained Dr. Cash.

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Dr. Cash said that it works on most skin types and helps skin products work their best.

"If you need hydration, then removing that outer layer allows those hydrating molecules to get into the skin cells, and you'll have a plumper, dewier glowing skin," she said.

It helps lightening products for pigmentation to penetrate better and can even smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

"The only people we do not recommend dermaplaning for is for patients who are very acneic or very oil-producing," she explained.

That's because when the scalpel strips away the hairs, it causes an active oil producer to produce more oil.

Also, the hair won't grow back thicker or darker.

Within 30 minutes, Ortega is one step closer to being pageant-ready.

"I love it," said Ortega. "The skin looks so soft. And the skin looks much more natural."

The treatment costs around $75. If you're wondering if you can use a regular razor at home, that's not recommended. There are facial razors on the market, but you have to make sure to keep the skin taut in order to see results.

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