Wake County girl's diabetes service dog lost in Chapel Hill

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina (WTVD) -- A Wake County mom is on a frantic search for her 11-year-old daughter's missing service dog.

Her daughter has type 1 diabetes and that service dog might very well save her life someday, but the puppy has gone missing in Chapel Hill.

Michele Kelly and her daughter Acie Tatum have searched every inch of a neighborhood since the 7-month-old French Brittany went missing on the 1200 block of Roosevelt Drive in Chapel Hill.

Kelly said the puppy is microchipped and was under the care of a hired dog watcher, who was taking Mason out for a walk when a deer spooked the pup and he broke loose from his collar.

If you've seen the dog, email Kelly at sheltat@yahoo.com.

Now, they've hired a professional dog tracker and enlisted friends to help them find Mason before his specialized training on January 30 to detect the girl's blood glucose levels -- something that's costing the family hundreds of dollars, but could cost Acie even more.

"He will be able to smell her highs and her lows to keep her within range, basically, essentially, saving her life," Kelly said, describing the dog's ability to detect glucose levels.

It's a terrifying experience for Kelly, and Mason was supposed to be her peace of mind.

"I've gone low like a lot of times, where I am so low I just kind of laid down and I look like I've passed out and I sleep for hours, and hours, and hours," Acie said. "And my mom sometimes doesn't know if I'll wake up again."

They're asking everyone near the East Franklin Street neighborhood to keep their eyes peeled.

"My hope is somebody is going to see him," Kelly said. "That they have him at their house and they haven't had a chance to have him scanned or they haven't seen the posters yet."

"If you find my little puppy, please bring him back," Acie pleaded.

Again, if you spot Mason or have any information on where's been you can email Kelly at sheltat@yahoo.com.

The family is offering a reward.

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