Ditch sports drinks for milk for post-workout replenishment

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A recently published study in Time Magazine has confirmed what many fitness experts have been saying for years: opt for milk for your post-workout replenishment. We talked to two local fitness experts to find out why.

Jennifer Pinder and Kyle Furlow are the brains and brawn behind Boot Camp Moms, fitness classes for women that focus on a combination of cardio and strength training.

Because participants can really work up a sweat, Jen and Kyle recommend refueling afterward. But, instead of grabbing a Gatorade or a PowerAde, they say you should reach for a glass of milk.

"So, a lot of people used to do sports drinks, but it's got that sugar in it, and milk has carbs, fat and protein. So it's all those three components that make it perfect post workout," explains Kyle.

That's supported by a small study recently published in Time Magazine that showed participants who were given milk after exercising saw better results with rehydration than those who were given PowerAde.

Drinking water afterward actually caused a drop in sodium levels, potentially increasing dehydration. However, to get these results you do have to drink milk immediately after your workout.

"I would probably drink it within an hour after that workout because your body needs it, it needs something to recover, and it needs something to recover fast, so if you wait till later in the day it's not really going to help," Kyle says.

If plain old milk doesn't suit your palate, you can also opt for chocolate. And if you're lactose intolerant, try almond milk.

For more on the Time study: http://time.com/3656660/workout-drink-milk/ and for more on the Boot Camp Moms: http://www.bootcampmoms.com/.

Also, to see the one activity you should do if you only have time to do one thing, watch Jennifer demonstrate in our abc11 video above.

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