Teachers educate young students on Ebola

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Teachers in the Triangle are trying to use this time to educate young students and eliminate their fears. (WTVD)

Teachers in the Triangle are educating their students about Ebola and the sacrifices healthcare workers make to treat patients with communicable diseases.

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At Oak City Academy in Raleigh, Principal Kari Breed arranged to have a neurologist in Dallas Skype her class Thursday to talk about those sacrifices. Coupled with a lesson on Ebola and how two nurses in Dallas contracted the disease while treating an ill patient, the kids walked away with a greater appreciation of the headlines they see every day.

"We made cards for the doctors and nurses who are helping out with terrible diseases," said 8-year-old Nola Simons.

The students made cards that will be sent to healthcare workers in Dallas and the two nurses now fighting Ebola.

"These doctors, these nurses, these medical professionals are risking their lives, they're sacrificing their lives to care for really ill patients and sick patients who come down with Ebola," said Breed. "Who's saying thank you for your sacrifice?"

Meanwhile, an incident at Duke Regional Hospital Wednesday night shows that Triangle hospitals are on high alert for the Ebola virus.

Sources said when a baby that had been in west Africa recently came in with a fever, the Emergency Room doors were shut while tests were done.

Sources also said the Emergency Room entrance was scrubbed down as a precaution.

It turned out the baby does not have Ebola, and the hospital has returned to normal operation.

"The false alarm was confirmed quickly and there was never a disruption in services within the hospital and Duke Regional continues to operate per usual," said Duke University Health System in a statement.

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