Fitness experts share the benefits of joining a weight loss challenge

If your New Year's resolution was to lose weight but you've been having a hard time getting motivated, you might want to think about joining a weight loss challenge, similar to the one that's currently underway at Orangetheory Fitness studios in the Triangle and around the country.

Willow Spring resident Michael Wallace is enrolled in the current challenge. He's set a goal to lose more than 60 pounds this year. Doing so for the sake of his family led him to join Orangetheory Fitness in Morrisville. Its heart-rate monitored training guides you through different zones to stimulate your metabolism and maximize your caloric burn.

"I love it, it's challenging, it keeps me motivated. I try to be consistent in the classes I do attend at the same times, so I get to know the people in the class with me. They kind of hold each other accountable," he explains.

That's just one of the reasons small group fitness classes have become so popular. And to take that a step further, many will periodically host weight loss challenges to further motivate participants.

"It's a beautiful challenge! Anyone is eligible to sign up. It holds everyone accountable is the biggest thing," says trainer Cory Gibson. "All it comes down to is the winners, male and female are the ones who lose the most percentage of body fat."

This particular challenge is six weeks long, with the winners from each Triangle location winning $500 each and becoming eligible to win $10,000 at the national level.

"More of our competitive athletes, of course that gives them a reason or goal to challenge friends or people in the studio, which is pretty cool, not only about how many times they come to the gym but about how body fat percentage they can shrink down. For those of us that don't have that motivation it gives them a reason to show up to the gym 3 times a week" Cory explains.

If you are going to join a weight loss challenge, fitness experts recommend setting small, attainable, short-term goals. They suggest being patient to see long term results. Also try enrolling with a buddy, and remember to eat healthy.
If you missed this challenge, Orangetheory Fitness will host another one in the spring. They're also opening a new location in Holly Springs, in addition to their locations in Morrisville and Chapel Hill.

About Orangetheory:

Orangetheory Fitness is a one-of-a-kind group personal training workout broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training. Backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, Orange Theory Fitness' heart-rate-monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. Led by skilled instructors, participants use a variety of equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, SBT Suspension Training and free weights, burning up to 1,000 calories per class. The result is the Orange Effect - more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours post-workout.

Orangetheory Fitness Morrisville is located at 1112 Market Center Drive in Park West Village and can be contacted at (919) 883-9469. The Orangetheory Fitness Chapel Hill studio is located at 104 Meadowmont Village Circle in the Meadowmont Village shopping center and can be reached at (919) 883-9424.
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