'Miracle' baby celebrates sweet 16 with doctors who saved her

CYPRESS, Texas -- Instead of a car, a Texas teen shared the gift of appreciation for her 16th birthday.

On July 1, Kelcey Cadien turned 16. To commemorate the day, her mother, Tawana, arranged a photo shoot.

Tawana invited three men who made her daughter's life possible.

When Kelcey was born, she was unable to breathe on her own, so doctors had to inserted tubes into her body.

"She showed severe respiratory distress, which required intubation," Dr. Aiyanadar Bharathi recalled.

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For more than two weeks, Kelcey remained plugged to machines as she fought for her life. But then, her mother believes a miracle took place.

"On the 18th day, I brought Kelcey home," Tawana said. Sixteen years later, Kelcey is thriving with no lasting health effects.

"Yes, I would say, she's a miracle child to that family, and for all of us being a part of her life," Bharathi said.

To celebrate, Tawana contacted the three doctors who saved her daughter's life. It was a reunion and photo shoot the three men couldn't wait to take part in.

"I wanted the doctors to know that we have not forgotten," Tawana explained. "We've not forgotten their love. We've not forgotten their care."
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