Troubleshooter helps woman who was double-billed during physical

CREEDMOOR, NC (WTVD) -- When you get your medical bills, do you take a look at them?

Wanda Rooney said she always does and she noticed a problem with the bill from her most recent physical at Duke Health.

For her yearly physical she was charged with two different types of charges; $318 for an office outpatient visit and $355 for an annual wellness visit.

Wanda said, "I just feel like I'm being double billed there. They charged me for two office visits on the same day and that's what I'm upset about."

Wanda claimed she couldn't understand why the price changed because nothing was different from her most recent physical compared to her past physicals.

She called her insurance company and said she was told, "We paid for your physical 100 percent. We just didn't cover the other things you discussed with your doctor."

Wanda said that confused her even more so she reached out to Duke Health and was surprised what she claimed she was told by a representative.

She said "The only thing anyone has been able to tell me for the $318 is that is just for me and the doctor having a conversation."

Not happy with that answer, Wanda reached out to me and I reached out to Duke Health.

Duke Health looked into it and did reverse the $318 charge saying in part, "Upon further analysis, it appears that we need to do a write-off of the charge because the clinical documentation does not fully support the services that were provided."

Wanda is very happy with the outcome and has this advice for others, "I want people to know they need to pull their bills and look at things. Don't just because you get something from the insurance company and it says you've got this balance assume its ok. Ask a question, make a call."

Before going to any visit or procedure with your doctor it's wise to call your insurance company to confirm what's covered and what's not.
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