Wake County RN, veteran, and mom of four heads to NYC to help treat surge of COVID-19 patients

FUQUAY-VARINA, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Wake County nurse and mother of four is heading to New York City to spend three weeks helping treat the surge of COVID-19 patients in that area.

Natalie Jache is a registered nurse from Fuquay Varina. Jache works for Blue Cross Blue Shield and says she felt compelled to help during this crisis as President Donald Trump and the New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo plead for help from healthcare workers across the nation.

"It's just our calling," Jache said before boarding a flight to NYC. "I think certain people are meant to do things and that's what my calling has been and we go and we don't think twice about it. I'm a veteran as well so you just do things that you feel is the right thing to do at this point in my life."

Jache says she will work at the field hospital assembled in Central Park. She plans to self-quarantine when she returns.

"Of course, I'm afraid of getting sick, but, I think I'm healthy enough and I'm cautious enough that hopefully, I'm able to take all the precautions, she said.

This will be Jache's first visit to New York City. She has family in the area and plans to check on them during her time up north. After posting to a mom's group on Facebook about her journey, Jache was given about 500 homemade masks from other moms in the Triangle to take with her to share with her colleagues.

"I'm leaving behind four beautiful kids and a wonderful husband and thankfully they're all very supportive of what we do," she said.
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