Breast milk featured on Chicago facial bar's list of add-on items

CHICAGO, IL -- A facial bar in the Windy City plans to add breast milk to its list of skin-care add-ons.

The founder of Mud Facial Bar, Shama Patel, said mommy bloggers inspired her to add the liquid to her list of service items because of its so-called benefits. Turns out, a countless number of moms have sworn by the benefits of breast milk and skin for years.

"I always want to think outside the box," Patel told ABC News. "Moms are using breast milk for more than feeding their babies.".

Patel admits the benefit of breast milk for skin benefits is strictly anecdotal and not scientific. However, a search for "breast milk facials" on a BabyCenter message board from 2011 turned up results from several moms who claimed the facials reduced skin redness and acne. One mom said she even used breast milk "on everything" for her baby from eye crust to diaper rash.

Patel said the breast milk add-on for her salon will come from Chicago-area milk banks from screened and approved donors. It will cost $10. She said the milk will be mixed with white clay to form a special mask which can be applied to the face.

By the way, Alexis Wolfer, editor of online magazine 'The Beauty Bean,' told ABC News the same benefits can be achieved through DIY project using whole milk and honey.
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