HEAT WAVE: Temperatures reach high 90s in the Triangle

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Monday, June 18, 2018
Temperatures to reach high 90s in the Triangle
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It's getting hot in the Triangle

ABC11 is in First Alert Mode as North Carolina experiences its first heat wave of the season.


Temperatures will be well above average for the next few days and the humidity will be high as well.

And we weren't eased into the warm-up either.

Heat index values or "feels-like" temperatures will be over 100 degrees, and possibly as high as 106 Tuesday and Wednesday. This could prompt the National Weather Service to issue a Heat Advisory for the area.

For people who have to work outside in these conditions, it's imperative to drink double the amount of water you would normally as the body will dehydrate quickly.

With the high pressure and warm air, we will see some poor air quality around.

Monday is a Code Orange Day, meaning it will be unhealthy for the very young, elderly, and people with respiratory diseases.

These groups should limit outdoor exertion.

Don't forget that the summer heat affects your furry friends too.

Your AC units will be getting a workout this week, but it will cool off a little bit by the end of the week.