Family pleads for fatal hit-and-run suspect to come forward

HENDERSON (WTVD) -- Henderson police and the family of a veteran killed in a hit-and-run crash are asking the public for help.

It's been nearly three weeks since Gordon Hargrove was run over while in his wheelchair.

"I want to know why could he do something like that, and don't come forward," Hargrove's mother Evelyn Terry wept.

Terry said she took care of her wheelchair-bound son for 37 years after he lost the use of his legs.

She said he used to travel in his wheelchair from her home to a nearby convenience store.

However, on the night of Oct. 21, he was killed by a hit and run driver behind the wheel of a tractor trailer.

"I heard everything but I didn't think it was my son," Terry said. "And I always heard those big trucks, tooting the horn.

It happened at an exit ramp, close to the convenience store.

"Now it's beginning to look a bit malicious, because it's 21 days later, no one has come forward and we're still grieving," Hargrove's sister Melissa Elliott said. "According to the report and the little bit I did read, there were three different people, including another truck driver that actually saw him drive away on US 1 southbound."

Elliott said Veterans Day is especially hard this year since her brother was a Marine veteran.

"We have to mourn his loss versus celebrating his service," she said. "So we hope that someone watching this will come forward, just for the sake of humanity and say I'm sorry I did this. But this is a very special day. It was a special day for him."

Henderson's police chief says his officers are seeking leads from anyone who saw what happened that night, or knows of a big rig with front end damage. There is a reward offered for information that leads to an arrest.

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