ABC11 sparks national conversation about high heels in the workplace

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Sunday, November 20, 2016
Stock photo of high heels
Stock photo of high heels

DURHAM (WTVD) -- A jovial conversation between ABC11 anchors Tisha Powell and Steve Daniels has sparked a national conversation about high heels in the workplace.

Before the 11 p.m. news earlier this month, Steve and Tisha talked about the height of Tisha's heels on a Facebook Live segment.

"For as long as you've had those shoes, I have not known how you can walk in those shoes," Steve told Tisha.

"So here's the thing, when we stand next to each other, I want to appear as though I am as tall as he is," Tisha joked. "I don't want to stand on one of those boxes because I've fallen off one of those boxes before. So now I just wear these really tall shoes, so now everyone just thinks I'm 6-foot-2. I'm OK with that."

Our viewers took to social media to share their opinion on high heel height in the workplace, and national news outlets took notice.

Yahoo News penned an in-depth article based off of our anchor's lighthearted heel height conversation.


Yahoo's piece described studies done regarding women's shoe attire in the workplace, and if there really is such thing as a heel that is too high.

"In certain office environments, bosses expect female employees to wear heels. A U.K. survey found that 7 percent of the women say their employers have urged them to wear high heels in the office or with clients because it makes them look 'more appealing.,'" Yahoo wrote. "But in recent years, there's been pushback from women who believe that 'the heels in the workplace' standard is sexist and, frankly, uncomfortable. Office norms are changing, and more women are switching to flats and sneakers."

Tisha's post about her high heels garnered hundreds of reactions on Facebook.

Yahoo is a partner of ABC11.

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