Highest paying jobs you can land without a degree

Thursday, November 9, 2017
Best jobs you can get without a four-year degree
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Best jobs you can get without a four-year degree

A four-year college degree can help in any future earning potential in the workforce. But there are plenty of high-paying positions that don't require you to take up the courses and debt of a Bachelor's degree.

Here are the five highest paying jobs that don't require a four-year degree.

Air-traffic controller

Median wage: Nearly $123,000

No work experience required

Just an Associate's degree needed

Nuclear-power-reactor operator

Median wage: $88,560

Learn on the job

Just a high school diploma needed

No work experience required

Transportation, storage, and distribution manager

Median annual wage: $86,630

Five or more years of experience needed

More than 27,000 positions open by 2024

First-line supervisor of police and detectives

Median annual wage: $82,090

Less than five years' experience needed

High school diploma required

Elevator installer and repairer

Median annual wage: $80,870

No work experience required

Nearly 6,000 open jobs by 2024

Other jobs making the list: Commercial pilots, dental hygienists, funeral service directors, and postmasters and mail superintendents.

Source: Clark.com