Did Hillary Clinton break polling place rules in North Carolina?

Monday, October 24, 2016
Hillary Clinton Early Voting
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Officials say Hillary Clinton did not break any rules during visit to polling place in Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Hillary Clinton caused pandemonium at Raleigh's Chavis Park Sunday with her visit to a polling place, but officials say she did not break any rules.

Some who have seen video of the campaign stop have reached out to ABC11 questioning if she broke North Carolina law by being there.

The election director in Wake County says she was hundreds of feet away from where people were voting. The buffer zone is 50 feet.

Clinton's visit wasn't a surprise to election officials onsite. They were briefed by Secret Service and they advised the campaign where she could and could not go.

"From my vantage point where I was at, I saw her get into the street and walk up onto the sidewalk. Hundreds of feet from the entrance of the polling place so definitely no violation there. Seen it with my own eyes," explained Director of Wake County Board of Elections Gary Sims.

Breaking the poll distance rule is considered a misdemeanor. But could even be a felony depending on the seriousness.

"There are very specific laws that are in place a polling place where you cannot do any campaigning. We have signs that clearly marked these locations where people cannot do it. The board of elections has directed us to make sure that there is not campaigning 50 feet within curbside voting," said Sims.

So far, election workers in Wake County say they have not had any issues.

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