Made for the Moment: Holiday cocktails with Southern Comfort, Fireball, and Stirrings Mixer

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Mixologist secrets to simple holiday cocktails
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Stay in the moment this holiday season! Learn from a master mixologist how to mix a Holiday SoCo Sour and Spiced Apple Crisp Shot with Southern Comfort, Fireball Whisky, and Stirrings Mixers. Sponsored by Sazerac.

CINCINNATI -- Do you ever wonder how to mix a cocktail and the history behind it? Well, you're in luck. Host Danielle Bellini is teaming up with master mixologist Molly Wellmann in the historic Arnold's Bar & Grill in Cincinnati, Ohio to whip up some cocktails with a twist this holiday season.

Molly's first drink is the Holiday SoCo Sour.

"Southern Comfort has to be the most versatile whiskey out there," says Molly Wellmann, "this is perfect for making cocktails and especially holiday cocktails."

Molly uses 1.5 oz Southern Comfort, 1 oz spiced cranberry mix and 0.5 oz fresh lime juice in a shaker with ice. After shaking everything, she pours the drink into an ice-filled rocks glass and garnishes it with a lime wheel.

For those who don't have all the ingredients at home or are looking for a simpler, quicker cocktail, the Stirrings Sour Mix is a great solution. Just shake 1.5 oz Southern Comfort with 3 oz Stirrings Sour Mix and pour over ice to get a delicious SoCo Sour in half the time. "It's so easy, two things, enjoy!"

Next up is the Spiced Apple Crisp Shot with Fireball Whisky.

"If your holiday party's starting to feel like a little 'womp womp,' just bring some Fireball out, and it'll light it right back up," Wellmann exclaims. She mixes 1 oz of apple cider with 2 oz of Fireball Whisky before shaking it all with ice and pouring it into two shot glasses. "It's sure to get the party started!"

After making these holiday cocktails, Molly and Danielle end their day talking about the history of the spirits they've used. "From the 1870s all the way to now, Southern Comfort has been a staple," Wellmann explains. She concludes "there are so many flavors" that work with both spirits this holiday season.

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See below for the full recipes:

Holiday SoCo Sour:

1.5 oz Southern Comfort

1 oz Spiced Cranberry Mix

0.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice

Lime Wheel

SoCo Sour with Stirrings:

1.5 oz Southern Comfort

3 oz Stirrings Sour Mix

Spiced Apple Crisp Shot:

2 oz Fireball Whisky

1 oz Apple Cider

Sponsored by Southern Comfort, Fireball, and Stirrings.

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