Wake Forest Home Depot manager surprises mom of wheelchair-enabled son, pays for Halloween costume supplies

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WAKE COUNTY (WTVD) -- A Home Depot manager in Wake Forest picked up the bill for a wheelchair-enabled boy's Halloween costume.

Aimee Mcilroy posted about the generous act on her Facebook page.

Thousands have liked the post and hundreds have commented praising Valerie Baker's, the Home Depot employee's, kindness.

Mcilroy thought it was kind enough that Baker unboxed a refrigerator to get the cardboard they needed to create an elaborate costume for Jackson's wheelchair, but that wasn't all.

"We walked around the store trying to find things to make Jack's costume, and by the time we got to the end, she took us up to the register and took care of the whole entire bill," Mcilroy said.

"It helped me to help her help her son," Baker said.

Jackson has a unique neurological disorder that's caused a processing delay and other complications, but it does not stop his big personality.

It caught Baker's attention right away, and it was her respect and patience for the 7-year-old that his mother was grateful for most of all.

"She pretty much instantly had a connection with him, which is really magical if you take the time," Mcilroy said.

"Jack, you are an amazing young man," Baker said. " Please come see us at the store. Bring your car, and we'd love to help you and your family."

Mcilroy's post about Baker's kindness sparked a new partnership, as Baker hopes to bring Home Depot workshops to other kids in Jackson's class.

"Just to see the small act go this far, imagine if we all took one step forward every day," Baker said.
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