Cary home improvement job takes two years to complete

CARY (WTVD) -- There are always frustrations when it comes to home improvement jobs, but how about one that takes more than two years to complete?

It's the saga that Lora Eddington dealt with since August of 2015 after hiring Home Depot to give her home a new look.

"We contracted them to do the siding, the windows, and the gutters," she explained to ABC11.

The total for the job was about $20,000.

While work did start, it came to a halt in November of 2015.

"They said we're done, and I'm like, 'Ok, so what about the inspection?'"

During the time the work was being done, the Town of Cary required the siding job to have a vapor barrier installed.

During the inspection, town officials discovered that the vapor barrier was not done properly, so the job failed the inspection.

Crews with Home Depot went back to work, and Eddington said more problems were discovered.

"I had a nice guy from Home Depot come out and say this installation is totally wrong," she said. "The siding wasn't put up right, things were not done right, and he said we're just gonna redo everything."

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Crews went back to work and the moisture barrier was installed, and it finally passed inspection in July of 2017.

However, weeks after passing inspection, the siding still wasn't installed on Eddington's home.

She said she called and emailed Home Depot several times.

"It has no siding on it," she said. "It has no wrap around the windows."

She said Home Depot insisted the job was done.

Eddington reached out to me, and I got in touch with Home Depot.

A representative with Home Depot said they have crews heading back out to Eddington's home to finish the job.

He said part of the delay was due to the required inspections shifting in this municipality, adding that the job was heading in the right direction now and their customers are always important to them.

He assured me the job would get done as customer satisfaction is very important to the company.

A representative with Home Depot added, "We're extremely sorry for delays the Eddingtons' experienced. We never want a customer to be dissatisfied, so we appreciate the opportunity to make this right."

It took some time, but Eddington's got the new siding put on her home.

The widows and gutters are also now complete, and she said she's very happy with the finished product.

Eddington's home after Home Depot finished the siding job

Credit: Diane Wilson/WTVD

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