Damage to brand new purchase floors Henderson homeowner

HENDERSON, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Upgrading your home is typically an exciting time to put a fresh look on your living space. Homeowner Debra Lewis was happy with the new floor Home Depot installed in her kitchen, but that excitement quickly faded.

"It had started buckling, swelling around the edges of the floor," Debra explained.

Debra says she called Home Depot and crews came out to inspect the floor.

"It was not the flooring, that it had to be something I was using on the floor," the inspector told Debra.

At the time she purchased the floor, Debra said she had asked the sales representative selling her the flooring what type of cleaning solution to use on it. She said she purchased the product based on the recommendation, but now she is being told that's what damaged her floors.

Debra says the inspector told her Home Depot sells a cleaning kit that should be used on the floor, but Debra insists she was never told about that specific cleaning kit.

Debra got in touch with the corporate office of Home Depot and was offered half of what she paid for the flooring, which was about $700.

She explained, "I really don't care about the money, it's not the money. It's about my flooring. I'm not planning on purchasing another floor until probably when I pass. I just want my floor replaced, that's all I ask."

With no luck on her end, Debra got in touch with me and I reached out to Home Depot.

A representative with Home Depot said they could not confirm that Debra was told what kind of cleaning product to use on her floors and customers are responsible for choosing certain products based on their own research. Despite this, a representative said Home Depot did agree to replace Debra's floor.

Debra couldn't be happier with Home Depot's decision. The new floor was installed and she says she now knows exactly what product to keep the floors clean.

This is a good reminder that no matter what you are told in stores, always do your own research. It is the customer's responsibility to know what products to use at home.

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