Troubleshooter: Don't pay up if you get this property deed notice

A failure to read some fine print is costing some North Carolina homeowners.

Some reported that they received a letter that looks like a bill or account statement and is labeled "Recorded Deed Notice."

The letter is typically mailed to people who recently bought a new home and will include their name and address.

The slip states it was sent in reference to a property assessment profile, which includes a complimentary copy of the deed or another record of title, but to get that paperwork a processing fee needs to be paid.

Those who received a letter like this should do a little research before paying anything.

Homeowners can typically get a copy of their deed for free by going directly to the county they live in.

Several counties also offer copies online for free.

Taking a closer look at the letter shows that it is just an advertisement from a private company and that it is not endorsed or approved by any government agency or affiliated with the government.
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