Door tags claim missed package delivery, but it's really a sales pitch

GARNER, N.C. (WTVD) -- Door hangers that claim an unsuccessful package delivery attempt are appearing on homes all over the Triangle.

The tag says, "Sorry we missed you, we have a package for you!" It provides a phone number to call for prompt delivery. When residents call the number and read the tracking number on the door tag, they reach a dispatch center representative who says the package is a complimentary container of Tide laundry detergent.

When the representatives deliver the detergent, residents say they also want to take a water sample. In reality, they want to try and sell a water softener system.

The best advice: It's not worth the free container of Tide, as you're going to have to go through a sales pitch about your water and how their system could work for you.

Many viewers said that free laundry detergent cost them thousands of dollars on a water system that doesn't work or that they don't need.

The Garner Police Department actually issued a fraud alert about these tags, and want anyone who knows who is putting them on homes to get in touch with officers.

If you truly have concerns about your water, the best advice is to find a company yourself to come to your home. Don't respond to solicitations like this one.

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