Raleigh woman's garbage sits on her curb for weeks

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- You pay for trash to get picked up, and yet it sits on your curb for weeks.

That's what one Raleigh woman said happened to her.

Tomasa Flores says, like many of us, by garbage day her trash cans are loaded to the top and ready for pick-up. However, she says she's been dealing with delayed pick-up for quite some time.

"I always have to be calling, and calling, so they can come by and pick up the trash," Fores said.

Even with all of the calls, Flores says her garbage collection hasn't been consistent for years.

"At the beginning they would tell me that the property did not belong to the city."

Once it was settled that Flores did live within the Raleigh's city limits, she said she still had problems. The most recent delay was the final straw, when her garbage wasn't collected for three weeks.

Flores said she was so frustrated, she even made several trips to the City of Raleigh offices.

"And they always tell me 'have patience, they'll be there in a little bit, they'll be there in a little bit,'" Flores explained.

Flores reached out to ABC11, and we reached out to Raleigh's Solid Waste Services.

A representative admitted they have not been as consistent as they should have with Flores' trash pick-up. The rep said some of the delays were due to her property being so close to the City of Raleigh line.

The rep added that a supervisor was sent out to collect off of the trash piled-up and they're sorry it's gotten to this point.

As for Flores, she just wants what she pays for.

"Every month I get the bill that I have to pay, whether they come here or don't come here, I have I have to pay the bill."

Flores said for the last several weeks her trash pick-up has been picked up weekly and she's happy with the consistency.

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