Hope Mills issues warning on dam

HOPE MILLS, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Hope Mills public works have issued a serious warning after three people were caught on camera in a dangerous situation as they walked across the dam spillway.

We showed a picture of them walking along the inside of the Hope Mills lake spillway to people out and about in the area.

"I wouldn't go over there. I would not go over there," one man said.

The warm weather brought everybody out to the lake this week including the three in the picture.

The picture was snapped earlier in the week. It's gathered hundreds of views after it was posted on social media including raising eyebrows of both residents and city officials like Hope Mills public works director Hector Cruz.

"There's actually right now a few pieces of debris and tree trunks that are still hanging and waiting to come over the spillway at any time. So those are things you don't see from the bottom of the structure which is about 18 feet," Cruz said.

He noted that in the past, people put themselves in harm's way by walking in the spillway and ignoring the signage in place. He recommends residents keep a distance of about 100 feet would ensure your safety.

"We have not had any accidents and not looking forward to accidents, " said Cruz.
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